There are many different types of bra for different breast sizes shapes and occations, some of the main types of bra include.
  •     Balconette Bra
Balconette Bras are a more risque version of a demi bra with less coverage and more lift. They are a good choice for low neckline tops and dresses.
  •     T-shirt Bra
Designed without raised seams, so that a tight t-shirt may be worn without the bra being visible
  •     Nursing Bra
Designed to help make breastfeeding simpler by allowing the baby easy access to the nipple.
  •     Push Up Bra
Push up bras are structured in a way that lifts the breasts and pushes them closer together, enhancing the cleavage.With no shoulder straps, they are designed for wearing with clothes that reveal the shoulders, such as halterneck tops.
  •     Minimizer Bra
Designed to play down the bust, in particular for women with cups of 34C and above.
  •     Full Cup Bra
A type of bra designed to offer good support for the whole of the breast
  •     Padded Bra
Bras with padding inside the lining. They are designed to provide a fuller shape for small breasts and are an alternative to bra stuffing
  •     Sport Bra
Provides firm support for the breasts, and are meant to prevent discomfort or embarrassment during vigorous exercise.One of the most popular of the many different types of bra is the demi bra. A Demi Bra is a half-cup bra style with wide set straps and a horizontal bust line.